October 10th, 2019

Why hackers must eject the SJWs


We must cast these would-be totalitarians out – refuse to admit them on any level except by evaluating on pure technical merit whatever code patches they submit. We must refuse to let them judge us, and learn to recognize their thought-stopping jargon and kafkatraps as a clue that there is no point in arguing with them and the only sane course is to disengage. We can’t fix what’s broken about the SJWs; we can, and must, refuse to let them break us.

via http://lj.rossia.org/users/tiphareth/2244805.html (ссылка, тоже заслуживающая того, чтобы ее открыть).

P.S. На самом деле, конечно, ESR не додумывает до конца. SJWs should be ejected and refused admission irrespectively of any pure technical merit their code patches (or whatever they are doing) may have.