October 17th, 2017

What I would answer to an invitation to visit the U.S.

if it arrives in anything like a foreseeable future:

1. In a country where Black Lives Matter, my presence, as a person whose words have been recorded in a New Hampshire police report as a threat to kill the police officer who arrested me, cannot be desirable.

2. In a country of girl empowerment, sexual harassment litigation, and Harvey Weinstein, I as a man do not want to be present.

"The nuclear family is unsafe for children"


MK Merav Michaeli (Zionist Union) has claimed that children be raised not by their biological parents, but by strangers chosen by the government.

Speaking on Australian television in September, Michaeli argued that "the core family as we know it is one of the least safe place for children - not just in Australia but in the entire western world." Michaeli went on to cite different studies she contended proved that the core family was detrimental to children's health and added that "marriage and parental rights hurts children".

Michaeli also said that children should not be automatically raised by their parents, but by the government. "A child can have more than two parents, they don't have to be their biological parents. The person who takes responsibility for the child should be obligated to fulfill certain kinds of criteria that the State should decide on," Michaeli argued, saying that the government should decide what values children need to be taught.