February 16th, 2017

"White privilege" - 2 (Facebook conversations)

[I don't think that everyone (or close to everyone) on American campus supports what this black guy is writing.]

It is always a spectrum of political views, and his are just one point on the spectrum. Everyone on campus supporting what he is writing can never happen, and is not at all needed. The fact that he is not laughed out of his campus with his public expression of these kind of views tells us something about the spectrum as a whole.

I imagine one black guy like him in my class. He says me something, I reply, iterate thrice, he hits me in my face, the administration is of no help, I resign. He says me something, I reply, iterate thrice, he reports me to the administration, I am forced to resign. Either way. What's the point of crossing the Atlantic in search of a job with the end result predictably like this?


[Imo drivel. I am not aware of my "white privilege" and even if it existed, it is unclear why professors have to acknowledge it before a student.]

Student: Have you taken care to learn about your white privilege? Check your privilege!
Me: I do not care to learn about white privilege.
Student: Why did white people enslave black people throughout the human history? My ancestors were brought into America as slaves!
Me: White people enslaved white people as well, and black people enslaved black people. Whoever was stronger, very often enslaved those unfortunates who turned out to be weaker, that's what happened throughout the human history. It was wrong from the moral standpoint, but practically speaking, it worked that way.
Student: But why were it white people who enslaved black people, rather than black people enslaving white people?
Me: Because white people were stronger.
Student: And why were white people stronger?
Me: Because white people are generally smarter and have better morals, at least in dealing with those whom they recognize as their equals, like, e.g., members of their own tribe. Also, white people are more future-oriented.
Student: Are you saying that white people are smarter than black people?
Me: Generally speaking, yes.
Student: And are you also saying that white people have better morals than black people?
Me: Generally speaking, yes.
Student: I see. And concerning the issue of being more present time-oriented or more future-oriented, are you saying that to be future-oriented is better than to be present time-oriented?
Me: Yes, it is better, in a certain sense.
Student: So, it appears that you believe in a kind of general superiority of the white race over the black race?
Me: It depends on what we mean by "superiority". But the real answer to your question is "yes" -- in terms, e.g, of comparative ability of white and black peoples to respect individual freedom and property rights, or to advance scientific research, or develop technical civilization, etc. We may like it or not, but it is one of those hard lessons that the human history actually teaches us.
Student: This sounds pretty racist to me, I have to say. Are you a racist, Leonid?
Me: I can only refer you to my blog entry discussing this specific question. See http://posic.livejournal.com/934939.html
Student: I'm afraid at this point I will have to report this whole conversation to one of our deans.
Me: I am a guest in your country, as you know. Should I pack my bags already?
Student: The dean will tell you.