February 4th, 2017

That Unhappy Country


I still imagine that perhaps one day I will come to visit the U.S. again, probably as an old man (if I survive to an old age), and after me never coming to the U.S. becomes a scandal of considerable proportions, so they write newspaper articles, hire lawyers, find a Senator willing to support the cause, etc.

All of this presumes a real change in the nonimmigrant visa procedures and the related climate during my lifetime -- which is in itself improbable; and so much attention being given to my humble figure and my strange and complicated life story is even more improbable. Thus it looks much more likely that nothing like this ever happens; and this means that I will never come to the U.S. again.

The bottom line is this: I was indeed arrested a number of times in a number of countries, the U.S. including. I did indeed say something about killing that police officer after my arrest in New Hampshire, even though what I said was quite different from what they recorded. I also did make all those strange recent pronouncements about the 11/9 event, etc.

And, just as my "counter-entry visa policy statement" of 2012 stipulated, I do not reapply for visas of any country that ever rejected my visa application, at least certainly not before there is considerable evidence to support the proposition that they are now ashamed of or feel regret about the decision they made back then. Where "they" means "the authorities", of course.


"Whether I re-entered that unhappy country or not was of little consequence to me. I would like to have told them that the sooner I was rid of that hate-beleaguered atmosphere the better, that I was fed up of America's insults and moral pomposity..." (Charles Chaplin on the decision of the US Attorney general to revoke his re-entry permit in 1952)