May 28th, 2003

Патамушта зависть до добра не доводит

AS THE PRESIDENT holds a signing ceremony today for a tax cut that favors the wealthy, a real middle-class tax problem has been put off for another day -- even though everyone agrees that it needs to be fixed. <...>

The AMT was enacted to address the scandal of rich people managing to avoid paying any taxes whatever. But as earnings rose, the tax -- which is not indexed for inflation -- began to increasingly pinch those farther down the income scale, because taxpayers are charged the alternative tax if it's more than they would pay in ordinary taxes. <...>

Fixing this problem wouldn't be difficult, except for one thing: the price tag. The AMT is turning into a cash cow that the treasury can't afford not to milk; it's expected to bring in nearly $1 trillion over the next decade, assuming the 2001 tax cuts are made permanent.

Поразительно, до какой степени редакторы WP не способны сделать какие-нибудь осмысленные выводы из столь живо (и подробно) описанной ими ситуации.