Лёня Посицельский (posic) wrote,
Лёня Посицельский

Math. Education

Of course, the present-day math. educators do not need to have any knowledge or understanding of mathematics. This is just a basic fact of the present-day academic life. It is best explained by the observation that to convey any knowledge or understanding of mathematics to the students is not the goal of the present-day mathematics teaching.

Indeed, such a goal would be both irrelevant and unrealistic. It is unrealistic because most people, including most present-day university students, cannot understand any mathematics at all, and will never understand it, whatever you do to them. It is irrelevant because such understanding, even if it could be achieved (though it can't), would not serve any purpose, from about anybody's point of view.

The real aim of the present-day math. education is to teach social conformity, or more specifically conformity to arbitrary meaningless rules dictated by the authority figures. Thus, given the prevailing ideology of the day, what the mathematical educators really need to know is precisely what they appear to be so much interested in nowadays, viz., "issues of race, class, culture, language, and gender".

Most of the present-day math. education needs to be abolished, not reformed. This should also include abolition (i.e., permanent discharge) of 100% of the present-day math. educators.
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