Лёня Посицельский (posic) wrote,
Лёня Посицельский

Sergey Sazonov on victimology and "privilege"

"To put things into perspective. Just a few days ago I read an academic paper which compared libertarianism with feudalism and, basically, treated it like cancer needed to be purged. If asked to retract it claiming that it makes me feel "marginalized", etc. I would be rightfully laughed at my face.

For every person you can construct a narrative which turns him into an oppressed underdog (I am a Russian citizen and not a native English speaker which immediately makes me handicapped in comparison with every single African American). Conversely, for every person you can construct a narrative which puts him into a position of privilege (my parents were highly educated, loved each other and loved me which together is a huge predictor of social success).

This whole discourse is an epistemically sterile poison and a fuel for hatred."


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