Лёня Посицельский (posic) wrote,
Лёня Посицельский

Who won and who lost?

I won. The world of political correctness and careerist research academia lost.

P.S. I was arrested and spent a night at a police station in Moscow while campaigning against Putin's presidential candidacy in the beginning of the year 2000. I was beaten up and had my nose broken while gluing stickers to the walls of subway trains in Moscow calling to the end of the Russian war in Chechnya, approximately at the same time. I also consistently campaigned for recognition of independence of Chechnya in the beginning of 2000's, saying also that I wish the Chechens to win the war. I emigrated from Russia in the Spring of 2014, when they started their intervention in Ukraine, resigning from my Associate Professor position at the strongest Mathematics Department in the present-day Moscow (Higher School of Economics). I've never been to Russia ever since, my Russian passport having expired in November 2014. I have yet to see a Hillary Clinton supporter with a track record of opposing Putin comparable to mine.

https://www.facebook.com/greg.kuperberg/posts/1208367465867659?comment_id=1209077859129953 (accessible to "friends of friends")
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