Лёня Посицельский (posic) wrote,
Лёня Посицельский

Мои комменты из подзамочного разговора о женском вопросе в математике

"I can confirm that I would call myself an anti-feminist, too. In my view, human equality is a false ideal. All people are different, and the two sexes are different. So are the races, ethnic groups, etc. Nobody is obligated to treat anybody equally to anybody else. It is not even possible to do so. The only aspect in which equality, though not an aim in itself, may be viewed as generally desirable, is equality of negative rights (meaning basically the right to be left alone, the freedom from violent interference)."

"As to women in mathematics, the issue is well discussed in Philip Greenspun's piece -- http://philip.greenspun.com/careers/women-in-science "

"I have no belief in or concern for the "United Nations" and its "Universal Declaration of Human Rights". Back some fifteen years ago, when I was young and optimistic, I was saying that what is now my country (Israel) should have ended its membership in the United Nations on the day of the passage of the infamous "Zionism is Racism" resolution, or at any later moment of its choosing. Today, I would still of course be very proud if Israel did it, but I am no longer optimistic enough to advocate it."

"One cannot be "left alone in academia". One can only be left alone with one's property rights, within the limits of one's property rights. Whoever feels uncomfortable at his or her job, should simply resign. That is also the reason why I do not believe in tenure, at least and in particular as applied to myself specifically, and would rather prefer an academic job market environment with fewer or no tenured positions, and more potentially indefinitely extendable, non-tenured positions."
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