Лёня Посицельский (posic) wrote,
Лёня Посицельский

On inner freedom and academic freedom

(slightly edited) comments to a friend-only blog entry:

I'd rather die of starvation or whatever than survive by having a job where they only keep me because I refrain from speaking my mind openly on political issues.

That's my personal position, and a rather usual one at that, of course. I do not insist that everybody should follow me in this respect.


Surely one needs to pick one's battles, I absolutely agree with that. My battle is as formulated above. And I've never even learned to drive [so I can't switch to driving Uber for a living].


I want to expand the area of peaceful liberty, to push out its boundaries as far as possible. I've said and done all kinds of dangerous things in my live -- dangerous mostly to myself, I mean. In fact, I was preparing myself for an almost certain or very probable death a number of times -- and I am still alive (and even in reasonably good health).

I was arrested a number of times in a number of countries. In the U.S., I was charged with "disorderly conduct/resisting arrest" (I did resist, and even successfully in some strange sense). In Israel, I was arrested for what I posted to my blog.

I want to teach the world how to do these kinds of things. Not everybody has a talent for this, but some people may have.
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